Prison. Photo Zvidennaya O. S.Krasny Yar, 2009
Bikinsky hunter Dunkai M. with a successful catch at his faint. He holds a pike in his hands. Photos from the open source photo archive of the Bikin National Park.
Bikinsky hunter Kalugin S. guards a trap for sable. Photo by Zvidennaya O., 2010.
A crossbow, wary of the sable trail. Photo by V.G. Larkin, 1957, from the archive of the Center for Visual Anthropology Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The trap on the sable scent of Adelina S.Gvasyugi 1995 Photo from the Catalog of the collection of the Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after N.I. Grodekov, p. 28.
A crossbow (tug) mounted on a large animal. Photo of a drawing from the book by A.F. Startsev \"The material culture of the Udege people (the second half of the XIX-XX centuries); Vladivostok, 1996
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